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Good things take time, people sometimes say.  Life can sometimes be quite hectic and that brings a lot of tension. But there is also another way. That is what Go Slow Living is all about. Every day step by step towards more balance, more energy and more happiness.




Hi, I am Elena, mother of two adorable girls and wife of the most loving man in the world. I love travelling and I am always curious about the life of the people in other countries, about their habits, cuisine, traditions. I love nature and when I am walking in the forest for instance, I feel energized and inspired. I love antiquity and history and also the innovations of the modern times and I am looking for the best ways to put this two to work together.





During my search for an answer to the question: How do I get the best out of my life I came across the book by Carl Honore “In Praise of Slow”. It was a real eye-opener, “essential reading for a happier, healthier, more productive life“.

You achieve a balance in your life by consciously choosing experiences that have added value for you every day. They don’t have to be much, but real and meaningful. Knowing when to step on the gas and when you have to start with “downshifting” and start putting the brakes. “Tempo guisto” they call it in Italy, in Denmark they do “hygge” and in Sweden “lagom”.




I have always been interested in “off the beaten path” or alternative ways and solutions to existing problems that are practical and applicable. There are many “slow” websites and sources online, but there is no online place where people like me who are interested in the slow way of life can connect with each other. Even craftsmen and their products which fit in the slow way of life can join the “slow” community. By building this online community, I want me and my readers to share our experiences, tips and inspiration and help each other in the daily “slow” life.

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